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Giving Back

With every pair of crutches you purchase, Feel Better Bling will help a child with disabilities in need by donating a pair of Mobileg Crutches ! 

One Pair for One Pair!


What We Give

In the United States, roughly 45 million children have a physical disability. For every purchase of a Feel Better Bling crutch, we will give a child, with a physical walking disability, a brand new pair of Mobilegs crutches! Mobilegs are some of the best crutches on the market and will definitely help improve the mobility and lifestyle of anyone receiving them. 

Where We Give

Feel Better Bling is starting its philanthropic efforts here in the United States. As we collect more customers and get the word spread we hope to make our company global, so that we can provide better opportunities for those with physical walking disabilities, worldwide. 

How To Help

If you are interested in participating or helping Feel Better Bling give back please email us at hello@FeelBetterBling.com. We are always looking for passionate and empathetic people to help grow our cause.